Our management team is involved during the early stages to develop the best overall solution for your buildings enclosure. Early interaction allows us the ability to provide system options and pricing alternatives for your project. Early stage development also allows us the ability to fully understand your design intent and to work with our engineers to finalize your solution.


Moving beyond the design phase, Division V will provide you with a complete estimate for material and installation. Over years of developing relationships with material vendors, our estimators can provide you with everything from in-house products to global solutions that meet your building objectives. Division V Sheet Metal understands your budget concerns and the budget analysis process from years of manufacturing and installing panel systems.


Division V Sheet Metal knows that successful project management starts with clear and concise communication. Our project management team has years of experience in architectural sheet metal – we’ve overseen projects as small as a thousand dollars all the way up to multimillion dollar projects. From the early stages on, we’ll make sure your project runs as seamless as possible.


Division V Sheet Metal is a full service sheet metal fabricator. We stock a full assortment of 24gage steel and aluminum. Whether you’re in need of a small piece of roof flashing or a complex exterior rainscreen panel, we’re capable of fabricating exactly what you need.


Our construction team provides you with all the necessary services to move you from project start to completion. At Division V Sheet Metal, we have our own team of individuals enabling us the ability to keep fabrication and installation in-house. We utilize skilled and dedicated professionals to complete our projects on time and on budget. Our construction teams are built with experienced project managers, field superintendents, project foreman and installation experts.


At Division V Sheet Metal, safety is our number one priority. Our focus is to protect both our employees and our customers job site. Division V Sheet Metal employs rigorous safety standards where our employees are trained in accordance with our safety program. All of our projects must meet the following 4 step safety criteria before project start:


  • To ensure a safe workplace. Division V Sheet Metal employs outside safety auditors that conduct safety training for all of our employees. We employ annual safety meetings at our facility, followed by job-site specific training. In addition to our external auditors, we also employ internal safety personnel.

Assessing The Project

  • Prior to job start, we diligently review all aspects of safety to ensure that everyone and everything, is protected.

Develop Job Specific Safety Plan

  • After project assessment, we customize a job-site specific safety plan to meet the needs of the project at hand. This plan is then reviewed with our project foreman to ensure onsite execution.


  • Division V Sheet Metal regularly audits our own job-sites through the means of an external auditor. We take pride in protecting both our employees and customers to the fullest extent possible.