Division V Sheet Metal emerged in the winter of 1997 from the ideas, experience and entrepreneurial drive of George Heriot. Having been a leader in the Minnesota roofing industry, George developed a clear understanding of what services could be improved upon. He envisioned being a full service roofing supplier that serviced not only the roof, but the entire building enclosure with metal. From this concept, he started Division V Sheet Metal.

During our first years after inception, we experienced steady expansion. Product selection, technology and safety all gained momentum in the industry. Division V Sheet Metal made the commitment to mastering these areas and emerged as a driven architectural sheet metal fabricator and installer.

With the right team in place, Division V began the process of engineering its own manufactured systems. The experience and personnel enabled us to install custom architectural wall panel systems at competitive prices. Since our beginning, Division V has completed projects for award-winning architects and has also been the recipient of architectural awards.